Day 39-Chateau de Bourgogne


The history of cheese making is shrouded in myth.  We don’t actually know where the first cheese came from, who figured it out and and when.  Cheese eating and making pre-dates recorded history, so it’s a real head scratcher.  Proposed dates for the invention of cheese range from 8000-3000BC-basically when sheep were first domesticated.  I like to point out that’s a pretty massive 5000 year gap there-clearly we have no idea.  The most beloved cheese origin myth involves a nameless nomadic shepherd putting some milk in a calf or sheep’s stomach for storage, and forgetting the whole thing in a cave for a bit.  When they came back for the milk and stomach, lo and behold, the rennet left over in the stomach, and the milk, and the cave had all come together with some fortunate bacteria to make the world’ s first cheese!  I like to think of how brave-or desperate-the shepherd had to be to try that stuff out.

We have definitive evidence of cheese making from about 2000BC, found in the murals of Egyptian tombs-this cheese was probably a lot like feta, dry and crumbly and very salty.  Cheese created in Europe needed less salt to preserve, and also given the colder temperatures was a better fit for the introduction of molds and microbes-thus explaining the whole world of aged cheeses found in Europe.  Cheese making became part of a families tradition, and connected a family within a village or community, people were aligned by the cheese they made and the cheese they ate.   Charles de Gaulle famously asked, “how can you govern a country in which there are 246 kinds of cheese?”

I write this to you, fair reader, as today I am sampling yet another triple cream Brie cheese, and there’s just not that much more to say specifically about triple cream brie, other than I think it’s rather ridiculous.  To make it one takes a perfectly good brie, and then adds tons of cream to it, bringing the total fat content up to 75%.  I feel we have already established that I am getting fatter by the day writing this blog-thus I am feeling somewhat negatively about this cheese, and I haven’t even tasted it-which really isn’t fair.

Chateau de Bourgogne is a pasteurized cow triple cream brie from Bourgogne, France.It has a bloomy rind and is described as a “voluptuous” cheese-I am sure those who eat it regularly might be also described by that word. Interestingly, while researching this cheese I discovered a whole world of online “questing” involving a “quest” called “Chateau de Bourgogne” which involves slaying things such as dragons-I believe this has nothing at all to do with the cheese-so don’t be confused!  I’m actually hard pressed to find out much information about this cheese online, and I have come to the conclusion that this generally means this is a trademarked name, and an industrially produced cheese-I will be able to find pages and pages about brie, triple cream brie, but nothing specifically about this type, alas, it’s up to me and my taste buds.

My little piece of mysterious Chateau de Bourgogne triple cream brie is quite tall for a brie, the rind is appropriately bloomy
white and the paste a pale buttery white.  It’s very wet and sticky looking!  The smell is quite mild and sweet, nothing offensive here in the least (except the calories, but you can’t smell them!)

Here goes…

MMMM, melty, salty, buttery, lemony, completely smooth and yielding. The texture is sublime, it WANTS you to eat it, perhaps it is on a quest after all, not to slay dragons but to join my tongue on an adventure! The texture is really out of this world smooth and buttery, that’s the butter talking. The flavour is quite mild, with just a hint of blue cheese at the very back-it’s like eating butter that’s been left out on a hot day-maybe just a TADLY bit too long. It’s mostly safe and benign, with just a touch of foul play lingering under the taste threshold.  It’s extremely yummy, and I would choose this if wanting a triple cream brie, but I have come to the conclusion that triple cream brie just isn’t the cheese for me, I like a little more bang for my calorie buck.

Chateau de Bourgogne, I give you a 4 out of 5, this includes a deduction for not having a decent online presence that doesn’t have to do with slaying dragons, and also, being a triple cream brie, which is just too much.  It just is.