Day 16-Mont Vully Classique

Committing to write a daily blog is a fascinating endeavour-I recommend at least considering it. For those of us who love to write, an excuse to write might just be the ticket.  Please, start your own journey into sausage, jam or bread.  Send me a link! As an army of intrepid food bloggers we can cover the known edible world, one day at a time, one post at a time.

Today we shall be sampling our second “Mountain Cheese” (remember, made in the mountains in the summer from happy fat cows and happy fat milk)-Mont Vully Classique.  This is another raw milk (unpasteurized) cow cheese from Switzerland.  My clever wrapper suggests it is “perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”  Interestingly, I never thought of cheese as a three times a day sort of food, so there you have it-I was just missing the Mont Vully Classique.  This semi-hard cheese is washed several times a week in pinot noir as it ages which also comes from the Mont Vully area.  Sadly, one does not eat this rind, which begs the question- why bathe a cheese in wine if the rind is never to be eaten?  Just asking.

My little slice of Mont Vully Classique (the youngest version of Mont Vully which comes in three age categories) simpers quietly beside me here on my desk.  It’s a large cheese, like all the Mountain cheeses, due to it’s structural integrity.  The rind is dark orange and the cheese is creamy yellow. The smell is pleasant and mild-not offensive in the least (sadly). It’s dry looking as is typical for a semi-hard cheese, no oozing here.

Here goes…

The cheese has a nice mouth feel, it yields to the teeth and then quickly spreads over the tongue. Not pasty like some semi-hard cheese.  Hover, the taste is-again-not to my liking.  There’s nothing offensive about this cheese, but there is an undercurrent of some flavour that doesn’t work for me, it’s almost a taste of alcohol in my mouth-and not in a good way.  Eating this cheese is confusing.  It’s like meeting the new friend of a friend who you want to like, but then just can’t-because when you hug them for the first time and smell their hair it smells weird and wrong.

I feel that I should like this cheese, but I simply don’t.

Mont Vully Classique, you get a 2 out of 5 for weird aftertaste, which includes a bonus mark for nice texture.