Day 12-Baluchon

Last night whilst having a dinner party with a number of my cousins, I realized-with a shock, that I actually come from a cheese making family-kind of.  My cousin, Dave Nash, has worked for Dairyland in the lower mainland for almost 30 years-mostly in cheddar.  My heart was warmed to learn of this family-cheese connection, almost as thoughI was meant to explore cheese for a year-it’s in my blood!

This morning (so late, it’s almost 8-such sloth), I turn my mind and taste buds to the washed rind cheese, Baluchon.  A raw milk cow’s cheese, this lovely slice hails from Quebec. According to my online sources, this is “Canada’s number one organic cheese,” so bravo, Baluchon!

The wrapper of my Baluchon states, ” a cheese with rich aroma of milk, flowers and hay,”  I would also like to add “feet” to that list, although, in a charming, non-threatening sort of way.  This pale cheese with a light washed rind in not at all sticky, an this lacks that “toes in your nose” experience of its moister cousins. It actually, smells almost “cheddary” to me (I must have cheddar on the brain.

here goes…

Hmm.  Ok, well, it’s got a nice firm texture, like an oka, it’s not sloppy at all.  There’s a slight taste of mushroom, ad round flavour with no bitterness.  Eating the rind gives it a slightly stronger flavour sensation, but in general, I find it a little bland.  It’s not salty, it’s not rotty, it’s not overly pungent, it’s just not really my type of cheese.  However, should you desire an organic, slightly palid and non-threatening cheese, Baluchon might just be the cheese for you!

I rate Baluchon 2.5 out of 5 for failing to amuse ma bouche.