Day 10-La Sauvagine

Ten days into this fromalogical journey-I am starting to question my sanity.  Can I really keep this up?  What will happen if I go on vacation?  What if I am ill?  Or develop a lactose intolerance? Who does this sort of thing, and why?  And why at 5 in the morning?

Such are the early morning musing of your cheese blogger as I turn my mind to today’s cheese, La Sauvagine, the 2006 Canadian cheese grand prix “Grand Champion.”  It’s a pasteurized cow cheese from Quebec, and another contender in the “washed rind family.” This is a soft looking cheese, pale inside and buttery looking-not sticky, with a light orange washed rind. If Google hits are indicative of anything, this little cheese has a number of fans, despite being a relative newb on the cheese scene.

The cheese itself is unthreatening.  The smell is mild and barely registers on the raunch meter…here goes.

Mmmm.  This, my friends, is a nice cheese.  It’s very buttery and melts instantly in your mouth, as though just waiting to be asked, it’s a little runny the second it touches heat, very yielding, one might say. The flavour is quite mild, no hint of rot, no hint of urine- and I do appreciate that not everyone looks for this is a cheese…so a very safe cheese to add to your cheese plate.  It’s salty and creamy and inviting, but ultimately, a little pedestrian for my jaded taste buds.

I rate La Sauvigine a 4 for texture and flavour, but would choose Chaumes over this if searching for that perfect melty cheese.