Day 9-Maroilles

Today I shall break my fast with the charming looking-and smelling-Maroilles.

Maroilles, according to its wrapper-is a French made unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese, “it’s origin is Thierache at the Belgian border between Hainaut and the Ardenne, invented over 1000 years ago by the monks of the Maroilles Abbey.”  Imagine that, over 1000 years ago this cheese was invented, that’s brand power!

A theme is developing here in my fromagological journey-monks with milk on their hands-with or without nearby caves-seem to produce amazing cheese.  It also puts some of the Canadian cheeses I have been sampling into perspective-a cheese that’s been around for 15 years versus a one thousand year old cheese isn’t really a level playing field. Maroilles (pronounced mar wahl) was reportedly a favourite of several French kings as well, so we do have a celebrity of sorts before us today.

The cheese itself is a washed rind raw milk pressed cheese, light yellow in colour with a light orangey rind, it’s rather moist with a locker room odour…thank goodness. It’s rather sticky and also rather stinky.

ok, here goes…

Right then, this is a raunchy little cheese, oh you naughty monks of Maroilles! It’s like a brie in texture, but a little less melty and a lot less insipid.  There is a definite taste of uric acid (that’s pee) and salt, and yellow, something vaguely carnal. This is a yummy cheese, I wouldn’t serve it to a cheese wimp-but I think it will be showing up on my cheese plate in the future.

MMMMMaroilles, you get a 4 of of 5.