Day 6- Fou du Roy

For today’s sampling du fromage I shall stay in Quebec and turn my eyes-and tastebuds-to the charmingly named, “Fou du Roy.” If my poor high school French serves me right, this is a play on “fou du roi” translating into the word “Jester.” A cheeky, sneaky amusing little cheese wrapped up in a pun.  That’s my kind of cheese!

This trickster cheese hails from the Laurentions, Quebec, and is an organic cow’s milk raw cheese with a washed rind-semi firm with a pinky rind and buttery interior.  It looks kind of like a brie on steroids, puffed up and strong, but might JUST melt on you if you do’t watch it closely.  This cheese was a finalist in the 2006 Canadian Cheese Grand prix, thus-once again, I am nominating myself as a future judge.

Fou du Roy has a strong and pungent aroma, it smells rather alive and eager to meet you, it glistens sweetly, and I can’t contain myself any longer. Oh, the rind is sticky and penicillin-y, nice!

The first taste is a little bitter, I’m not sure if that’s the sticky rind hitting the front of my tongue, there’s a hit of uric acid here, and cream…actually, how do I say this in a pleasant way…this cheese is somewhat carnal. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but it simply is, a little trickster cheese, indeed!

I rate fou du Roy a three which includes a bonus mark for clever name-the bitterness and overt sexuality make this one I shall pass in the future.