Day 5-Migneron de Charlevoix

Today I take a short break from French cheese, and will be sampling the Canadian cheese Migneron de Charlevoix-a raw cow cheese from Baie Saint Paul, Quebec.  According to my cheese guru, Allison, this cheese is in fact the 2002 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix “Grand Champion.”  Now-I’m sure-you, like me are thinking, “wait, there’s a cheese grand championship in Canada and I haven’t attended-how can this be?”  Alas, the only folks present for this rare event are the judges and the cheeses.  I am officially nominating myself for any future judging. Please pay attention Canadian Grand Prix!

This firm washed rind cheese is yellowy/orange and has tiny little bubbles running through the cheese-not in a gauche, Swiss cheese sort of way, more like an effervescent afterthought. A relatively “new” cheese, it was first created in 1995, one of the group of Quebecois artisinal cheeses.

Migneron de Charlevoix smells a little barn-like.  If one closes one’s eyes it’s not a stretch to see grass swaying and cattle lowing.  This is distilled sunshine in this little yellow slice.

Here goes…

Hmmm, this is a salty, creamy cheese.  There’s no rot or nastiness-it’s quite pleasant.  It’s a friendly cheese, definitely appropriate for those who fear scary cheese, it’s benign and kind.  That being said, there’s nothing really memorable to me about this cheese.  It’s yellow, it’s salty, it’s benign, but it’s a little wan and overly.  Perhaps I’m a little jaded already.

I give Migneron de Charlevoix a 3 who includes a bonus mark for being Canadian and winning the 2002 Grand Prix.