Day 4-Tomme Alsace Fermier

Another morning, another cheese. Today I will be sampling the lovely looking “Tomme Alsace Fermier,” another unpasteurized (that means “raw milk”) cow cheese from France, specifically Alsace.

A quick word on “raw” milk before I go on.   I was under the impression that raw milk was some sort of scheduled substance, like heroin or meth, but apparently that’s ONLY should you wish to drink it.  In Canada raw milk cheese can be sold, but it has to be aged for at least 60 days.  Raw milk cheese-according to purists-is better because it goes into cheese making more quickly, thus is fresher and has more enzymes.  Raw milk cheese is not recommended eating for the pregnant-I was always under the impression that meant “brie” type cheese only, but that-is clearly wrong. There’s a whole world a “raw.”  And for you “raw foodists” out there, sadly, it’s not technically “raw” the milk is heated up in the cheese making process to scald.

Tomme Alsace is a cheeses cheese, it look like cheese should look: firm, proud, buttery with tiny little holes.  It smells like cheese, a little “foot-y” but not in an eye watering sort of way (alas.) Like all “fermier” cheeses it has internal structure, and doesn’t ooze or slouch deplorably, like some cheese.It’s a wahed rind smear ripened cow cheese which spends SEVERAL MONTHS in a CAVE ripening while being washed with a fruity wine.  Really, who doesn’t want that life?

Here goes…

Oh-this is a lovely cheese! It’s salty and buttery and kind of mushroom-y.  It has no rot flavour at all.  I would definitely eat this one again, it’s safe for newbies and cheesies, not a threatening sort of cheese. It has tensile strength under my teeth and melts charmingly in my mouth. This wise cheese emerged from the cave to two thumbs up.

I give this cheese 4 stars for flavour, including a bonus mark for being smeared with wine while living in a cave.