Day 3-Morbier Fermier

My third cheese in the “washed rind” family, is the strangely stripey, Morbier Fermier.  If my poor high school French serves me right, I believe Fermier means “hard” and this is, indeed, a firm cheese, light yellow with a strange layer of ash running through the middle.  Morbier Fermier is an uncooked pressed French cheese from Jura, France.  Historically it was made in small batches by monks in the dark ages in presumably dark monasteries.  The line of ash separated the morning milk from the evening milk, keeping a rind from developing-like an ash bandaid.

The odour is pretty strong and very reminiscent of a locker room towel pile, but here goes…

The texture is rather rubbery, although it melts in your mouth easily.  I can’t taste the ash, but the cheese is slightly bitter.  The flavour is not at all as raunchy as the smell, sadly.  Morbier Fermier is a big tease, all smell and stripes and little bite. I’m also eating the rind as instructed, I like the leathery texture, but honestly, this cheese is doing nothing for me.  It’s a little blah.

I’ll give this one 2 out of 5 which includes a bonus mark for having a stripe.