Day 2-Chaumes

Still reeling from yesterday, I have decided to get a little mellow today and sample Chaumes- a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Périgord  in France.  Translated literally, “chaumes” is French for stubble. My Chaumes-thankfully does not contain stubble and instead resembles an orangey brie.  It’s pale and rubbery, also a “washed rind” cheese, which means that the rind is perfectly edible-and yummy (let’s hope.)

Here goes…well, the first bite led directly to the second, and an “mmmm.”  This is a delicious, mellow, yet flavourful cheese.  The texture is more tensile than the brie texture I was expecting.  It has a strong flavour of “yum” and not any hints of  “rot” or “urine.”

It’s a little salty an a little sweet and a LOT great.   I would spread this on baguette or crackers, or just eat some more. There’s something safe and comforting about this cheese.  Perhaps if you had a kindly French grand-mere she would feed you Chaumes if you scraped your little French knee. Perhaps!

Yes, definately adding Chaumes to my cheese box.  I rate this a 5 out of 5 for deliciousness, edibility and addictive